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We see it every year in the latest round of commercial romantic wedding films. Boy meets girl has a few issues to sort out and then nearly loses the girl, but at the end comes to his senses and rushes in like a white knight to sweep her off her feet.
We are left feeling all warm and fuzzy and this fuels those daydreams about how we want to be proposed to.  Do a quick search in YouTube and you will find further fuel for the imagination.  YouTube is a mine of self-documented proposals ranging from choreographed dances (flash mobs), magic tricks or public displays of devotion.
A girl can really get her expectations up when she feels that a proposal is imminent. Are we so desensitized by the media that a proposal has to take months of practice and involve a crew of dancers for it to be acceptable?
Defending the classical approach
Although not as flashy or dramatic the classical approach does have more opportunity to add more heart. Engaging in some deep meaningful conversation, gazing into each other’s eyes and really feeling the connection as lovers, before going down on bended knee and popping the question.
Granted  the dramatic proposal may well get a spontaneous, surprised “yes” but when the shock wears off the decision may be given more scrutiny. The beauty of the classic approach is that as the romance intensifies, the gazes smoulder both parties deeply understand their undertaking when it comes to asking and accepting.

She said yes!

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