The Alternative Bridal Party

This is your BIG day and you can’t imagine your wedding day without your best friends by your side. Traditionally the bridesmaids and groomsmen are picked to be your support group, your A-team, your wedding day front line. They get to wear bridesmaid dresses that look the same and stand by your side at the altar. And mostly those bridesmaid dresses are a fit all sizes .. but they never do!

We’ve looked at alternative ways to make your wedding unique and still include all your besties, while at the same time making them feel special.

Instead of having a bridal party up at the altar in matching attire, ask your best mates to wear a certain colour so they stand out at your wedding. They will feel treasured and you can even mention them in the program.

Don’t be limited by the age or gender of your bridal party. There is no rule that all of a bride’s best friends need to be women around her age, so why leave out your best bud who happens to be male, or that dear old lady that has stood by you through your whole life, even though she is 30 years older than you.

If you have too many best friends and choosing just a few for your bridal party seems impossible, invite all your best friends to get ready with you the morning of your wedding, they can even ride with you to the ceremony and then can take their seats in a reserved row behind your family. This way you get to include them all and they will be thrilled to play an important role at your wedding.

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