8 Types of People you will see at a Conference

Most of us have at some point attended a Conference, whether it was a big conference with keynote speakers, 1000’s of attendees or a smaller meeting arranged by your company to discuss strategy, sales or goals. At Intundla Conference Venue near Pretoria, we’ve identified 8 different Personality Types that attend Conferences. See if you can spot yourself and your colleagues in the personas below.

1. The Laptopper


Every Conference has a few of these and they tend to be attached to their laptop with an umbilical cord. Mostly you don’t see much of their faces as they sit glued to the laptop screen checking their emails.

2. The Charmer



This person isn’t really interested in anything regarding the Conference. There only goal is to see how many people they can charm. Their goal is normally two-fold – charming them into doing business with them, and of course to have a drink with them after the Conference.

3. The Foodie



For this person the Conference is ALL about the FOOD. They make sure they’re the first ones at the food tables during a break, and they dominate the food area never moving more than two feet away from the grub.

4. The Enthusiast


These are wonderful people to have at any Conference. They love to participate and always give a hearty applause and encouragement for any speaker.

5. The Observer


These observers stay clear of what is happening at the Conference. They are often found peeking around pillars and watching from a safe distance.

6. The Show-Off


There is always ONE. This person continues to try and impress and show-off their various talents right through the Conference. They have all the answers and of course quite a few questions at the end of any talk or discussion.

7. The Party Animal


Even though the entertainment they provide usually comes at a cost of their own embarrasement, nothing seems to deterr them from having a good time. They’re fun to have at any Conference, unless they get out of hand which sometimes happens! They normally also have a groupie of followers that try and mimic their moves.

8. The Sales Person


This is a very dedicated person and it doesn’t matter where you bump into them at the Conference, whether it is during a break, mid-session or in a bathroom, they are constantly busy with a sales pitch.

Which Personality Types have we missed? Tell us in the comments section below.


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