5 Wedding Questions Answered – Gauteng Wedding Venue

Who do we tell first about the engagement?

Nowadays the world has become so small, news can be shared automatically to everyone through social media channels. But be careful before you broadcast your big news. Make sure that you tell the most important people in your life, in a more personal way first. Like parents, if there are any kids involved, best friends, etc.

Do you give Engagement Gifts?

This really is your personal choice, and won’t be expected from you. Be delicate in your presenting the gift, you don’t want others to feel as though they’ve had to bring a gift to the engagement party.

Can I ask anyone to walk me down the aisle?

Traditionally it is the father of the bride that walks the bride down the aisle. Mostly because she was his possession to sell off to the highest bidder. Thankfully this is not the case any longer. You don’t have to be restricted by who you pick for this very momentous job. It is perfectly acceptable to walk down the aisle with your mother, brother, best friend, dog, more than one person, or even all by yourself.

What is the quickest way to get RSVPs?

The easiest way to send and receive your invitations and RSVP’s is with a wedding website. You can then email your invitations, and even include a funky video, to personalise the invitation. This way guests can easily click on the link and RSVP on your wedding website.

I don’t want to be a bridesmaid, but I’ve been asked, what now?

It is best to be upfront right from the start. Once you’ve committed it will be much harder to back out. If your reason is financial, discuss it with the bride, and work out a plan together. Bridesmaids do typically pay for their own attire, hair and makeup.

Do we really need a cake?

Mostly the cutting of the cake, traditionally, signified a lifetime of prosperity. In medieval England, small spiced buns were stacked in a towering pile as an early form of a wedding cake. The bride and groom were deemed lucky if they were able to kiss over the tall stack. It has become popular to have different kinds of weddings cakes – towers of cupcakes, big round cheeses. Perhaps you can still try to kiss each other over your wedding tower and feel utterly blessed.


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