5 Things every Groom should know

It has taken a lot of courage to ask her to be your wife and now you can sit back while she plans the wedding, and all you have to do is show up – WRONG! If you want this to be your only wedding then this will be a good place to start. Intundla Wedding Venue in Gauteng is a sought after Wedding Venue, we’ve seen many spectacular weddings take place and we have some sage advice for the Groom-to-be.

1. Be Romantic

Even if this is not who you naturally are. Applying a bit of romance will get you a long way and most certainly earn you points you’ll need for cashing in later. If romance is not your thing, ask a friend to help, or do some of your own research. A good start will be dancing lessons, gift for the bride-to-be, planning your honeymoon. Plan a romantic surprise for the Wedding Reception like a love poem, a special tree away from the crowd where you can tell her how lucky you are …

 2. Protect your Fiancé

Planning a Wedding is a lot of fun and probably every girl’s dream, but it can also be very stressful depending on the demands from the family and the family-to-be. Now is the time to start protecting your fiancé. If her mother starts to get a bit overbearing, or if your mother demands to control the flower arrangements despite a clash in taste, gently but firmly stand up for your girl. She will appreciate the buffer.

 3. Learn to Say No

One of the unfortunate things about a wedding is that you need a budget. Learning to say no to extravagance could save both of you a lot of stress and tears. Also if the guest list is too large for your budget say no in a loving way. This might be difficult but as long as you do this gently and lovingly you’ll be OK.

4. Get Organised

Offer your help with the planning and make sure that you’re on top of the tasks you’ve been given. Your bride will appreciate your enthusiasm and your new family will be impressed.

 5. Write your own Wedding Vows

There is nothing more romantic and loving than weddings vows that come from the heart. Your bride will be beaming with joy and pride. Make your vows personal she will know it is meant especially for her. Remember to practise your vows before the Ceremony!

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