5 Special Things you can do for your Guests at your Wedding

1. Welcome bag for out-of-town guests

Because we live in such a global world most weddings have guests travelling from other cities and even other countries. Show your appreciation by giving your out-of-town guests a little welcome bag with goodies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just something to show you appreciate them coming all this way – a bottle of bubbly for their arrival, a map of the area, comfy slippers for their weary feet.



2. Party props to funk up the dance floor

 You can really liven up your wedding and especially the dance floor with some party props. All you need is a couple of funky hats, masks, colourful wigs, wacky sunglasses and hey presto!



3. A Safe Ride home

 Your wedding should be a big celebration! Don’t let your guests worry about drinking and driving. Organise a free taxi service that can take your guests back to their hotels. They will be very grateful for it. And if you have your wedding at Intundla Game Lodge then your guests won’t have to worry about a thing because they’ll be staying in our Luxury Accommodation at the Lodge.



4. Give your Guests balloons

 Give each of your guests a balloon (filled with helium) after the Ceremony. It’ll look simply spectacular when they all walk towards the reception area holding colourful balloons.



5. Provide Entertainment for the kids

 If you’re allowing your guests to bring their kids to your wedding then go the extra mile and make sure there is enough entertainment provided for them like this pizza station where they can make their own pizzas.

happy kid = happy parent = happy wedding.


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