5 Signs he is in Love with you

I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you’re yet to be.

  1. He wants to show you all his favourite spots

One of the first signs that he’s in love with you is when he starts taking you to all his favourite places. He takes you to restaurants where he loves to dine, he takes you to his best hideouts from childhood. Places that are almost sacred to him, he feels this need to share with you. Go along with it, even if camping is not your thing, you can learn a great deal about him as he shares with you what means most to him.

  1. It’s important to him that you meet his family and friends

Unless he doesn’t get along with his family (and this should be a warning sign), a guy that doesn’t want to introduce you to his family is probably not that into you. It is natural for us, when we fall in love, to want to share what we love. This includes his family and friends. It is much more than wanting their approval, and more about wanting yours. Don’t be afraid to meet his family, he’s most likely already told them a great deal about you, of course painting you in the best possible light.

  1. He finds you funny

Those strange quirks and habits you have, the way you leave your favourite food on your plate till last, the way your mouth moves more on one side when you talk, these are the things he feels endeared to and can’t get enough of. If a guy laughs at all your jokes no matter how lame, then it’s a sure clue that he is in love.

  1. He wants to spend time with you

You are his favourite part of the day. He’ll cancel plans to be with you, even it means missing out on a long-standing arrangement. He’ll escort you to a boring function just to be with you, and he starts looking forward to those mundane errands, as long as he can do them with you. If you stay up till daybreak just talking, then he’s probably in love with you.

  1. You’re in his future

You’ll notice the I gets replaced with we. And when he talks about the future, you’re right there in it with him. He includes you in the Christmas plans for the following year and starts planning with you when he learns about his much-loved music band visiting the country, even though it is months away.

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