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The Best 5 Ways to Propose to Her

If you understand anything about women you will know that chances are she’s been dreaming about the day that the man of her dreams propose to her, since she was a little girl. What this means to you is that it doesn’t really matter how you propose to her, as long as it is a very special occasion and one that she will remember forever. To help you get your creative proposal juices flowing, we at Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria, have done some research of our own to find the best imaginable ways to propose.

1. Live lip-dub with friends and family

This guy went all out and rallied all the family and friends to help. This is a wonderful way to propose if of course you’re sure what her answer will be. Then again, with a proposal like this how can a girl say no?!


2. Post-it notes

This is a very cute video but possible not too practical unless you have access to a lot of post-its and of course are hugely artistic. But it can open up a lot of ideas though, surprising your lovely with notes and pictures in the most unexpected places.


3. Ring on a string

This has been done a few times in various ways but remains a very romantic way to propose. If you can have the right music playing in the background you will really impress your girl.


4. Singing proposal

This is terribly sweet and this guy really pulled at the strings of his girl’s heart. Notice one element in all the proposals that make them work? Surprise! We love the idea of all the little love notes hanging on the tree and that is easy enough to pull off.


5. Take to the sky

We picked this wedding proposal purely because it is so outrageous! This poor girl! We don’t recommend going quite that far with your proposal but planning something exciting and adventurous could get you some extra brownie points, that is if your girl is the adventurous type of course.



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Mostly what you need to remember is to have fun, make it special (for her), it has to be memorable, which it probably will be anyway. But she needs a good story to tell her friends. And then once she’s said YES you can book your Beautiful Memorable Wedding at Intundla Wedding Venue. Intundla has gained a fine reputation for stunning and unforgettable Weddings. Boasting a Beautiful Chapel, Mouth-Watering Cuisine, and an Idyllic Honeymoon Suite. We also have ample accommodation for your wedding guests who wish to linger longer to share this memorable occasion with you. Set in a perfect tranquil bush setting in a magnificent Private Game Reserve, what more can a girl ask for?

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