25 Tips on Keeping your Customers Happy

We live in a competitive world and you need to do everything you can to satisfy and keep the customers you have. Below are 25 ways to do it.

  1. People want instant results, so live up to it as much as you can. People are well informed, they can get info with the touch of a button, make sure that you don’t give incorrect info because it ruins your trust relationship.
  2. What makes people choose YOU above your competitor?
  3. Know who you are dealing with (gender, age, job, marital status, geographical location, etc. Know what their interests are. (Indoor/outdoor etc.) Know their financial status and take it into consideration. In other words know what makes your customers tick.
  4. Make sure you know exactly what they expect from you and your product/ service.
  5. Know how they usually buy – face to face, web site, in store – that will determine how personal you can get.
  6. Know why they want to buy, need versus want or merely curious.
  7. Success means clearly understanding what customers’ needs are and making sure they have a positive experience.
  8. First impressions are important. A clean facility, especially with food.
  9. Friendliness – smile, be helpful and service with speed e.g. same day delivery.
  10. Efficient service/ personnel same day delivery, quick answers, competent staff.  Front line staff should able to give answers, people detest being transferred to other staff for answers. Well trained staff.
  11. Accuracy – you don’t want to have to take stuff back again & again.
  12. Sufficient stock and good quality product – if you need to then educate your customer to use it – people are lazy.
  13. Always offer value for money.
  14. Have an “x” factor and keep it relative, so tailor it often to keep it trendy.
  15. Walk the 2nd mile – invest in your customer.
  16. Don’t bombard your customers with products or services you know they don’t want, it might have the opposite result. If you don’t know then ask questions to identify their needs.
  17. Teach your front office personnel to listen to customers with attention, look people in the eye.
  18. Be honest and transparent.
  19. Tell customer the benefits of your business/ product and always under promise and over deliver.
  20. Follow up, stay interested.
  21. Be available – people want to see the owner/manager.
  22. Recommendations and good reviews are very important, word of mouth is still your best type of advertising.
  23. Internal communication is vital, especially when it comes to customer service and complaints.
  24. Make sure your website is up to date, user friendly and informative.
  25. Remember! Customer’s leave without complaining, make sure they return, else you have failed.


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