Mexican Themed Dinner – a laid-back south-of-the-border Bash at Intundla

Mexican themed dinners are the most fun, or, as one of our guests remarked - frikking amazing! And getting the venue ready is a blast too because for once we don’t have to worry about anything clashing. It’s hard to go overboard when it comes to a Mexican party, and the bolder the colours the better!  So this is exactly what we did for a recent client, Anchor Yeast, for their Event at Intundla - a Mexican celebration, with decorations in hot pink, aqua, and lime, and any other bright and bold colour we could find, and of course we paired the bold décor with matching bright flavours on the menu for our guests. As they arrived, we kept them happy with quesadillas, chips, and guacamole, all washed down with some ice cold Coronas.

Mexican Slang you need to know before your themed dinner

Wey - Only used amongst good friends (which we'll all be after your themed dinner at Intundla), and could mean anything like dude/friend/buddy/you're-the-man. Use it like no wey man! And hey wey!

Estoy crudo - this is not really slang, but a phrase you'll probably use the day after your themed dinner at Intundla, meaning I'm hungover.

Que padre - This you'll use a lot when you tell others about Intundla, and means that’s awesome/really good!

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Most Popular Wedding Venue in Pretoria

Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa is in the heart of the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve, just a short drive from Pretoria, but far enough outside the busy city to feel the peace and tranquility of the bushveld. The lodge is built around a dam and is a feast for sore (and probably overworked) eyes! Indulge yourself in the beauty of the Game Lodge surroundings and at the end of another magical day in Africa say a toast to the setting sun from our pool deck. These stunning aerial photographs were taken at a recent wedding held at Intundla and boast the magnitude of the abundant greenery after the rain we've had. 




Thank you Jean Du Preez for these photos!



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Drumming as a Team Building Activity – an ancient art remains a very effective tool

The sound of drums stirs up something ancient and primeval, connecting with our subconscious and emotions without checking in with our conscious processes and barriers first. Team Building with drums bypasses inhibitions and creates a platform for effective communication to take place.

Drumming reduces stress

The rhythmic beat of the drums, the feel of the skins and the vibrations allow for individuals to fade into a collective, cohesive group releasing their tension as they let go of their daily worries.

Breaking down barriers

When we are occupied or engrossed in something as consuming as keeping the beat, we stop thinking about ourselves and become more comfortable focusing on the needs of the group. Barriers are broken down - hierarchy, background, gender, race and language, levelling the field and allowing new and stronger connections to be forged.

Cooperation and communication

The beat of the drum has long been used to communicate messages over distances. While this language has faded largely into time, drumming sessions are very effective in setting the scene for further Team Building Activities. When the group is working in unison, where everyone is involved in the process, they will be more accessible, attentive and receptive to instruction and taking on-board new ideas.

Productivity increases

Stress, fear, uncertainty, negativity, self-doubt are all productivity killers. Drumming releases people of these burdens and allows them to realise that they achieved something good as part of a team. Further challenges will be met with more positive attitude as a result of the increased moral achieved during a drumming session.

Client feedback: Just a note to say a massive THANK YOU to the whole team at Intundla. We had a wonderful conference and everyone loved the venue! It's professional, yet relaxed, and the service was great. Staff are all friendly and helpful and the setting is just beautiful. Thank you again!   - Brigitte | Thoughtworks

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