Keep these in mind when planning a multicultural wedding

Planning a wedding is a complicated task, requiring nerves of steel to navigate all the possible pitfalls, stay on track and make the right decisions.  Whether the wedding is a small intimate affair or a grand statement of the wedding couple's union, the wedding is always a sacred event.  Trying to cater for multiple religions or cultures can present quite a challenge. While it is important to stay true to the couples closely held beliefs and cultures, a successful multicultural wedding does require a measure of compromise.

Communication is the key

The trouble with people is that they have preconceived ideas and when those expectations are not met there is much drama and hurt feelings. From the beginning of the planning process, keep the cultural and religious influences that will be incorporated into the wedding in the open.

Educate the guests of your intentions

If the wedding requires that the guests wear certain religious items such as a Kippah (Jewish skullcap), inform in advance. Expect a few guests form other cultures to resist and have a backup plan to handle or accommodate their wishes.
If the wedding uses cultural traditions, include a brief explanation of their significance in the wedding program.

Don’t try to please everyone

Having two different weddings to cater for both cultures is expensive. However, trying to cram everything from different cultures into a single wedding ceremony can lead to disaster. Be selective in which traditions to include, a wedding is a perfect event to explore different cultures, so used this moment to introduce the family and guests to some of your cultural traditions.

Be open when approaching a multicultural wedding, as these can lead to some surprising and memorable fusions of traditions, food, outfits, music and décor. Remember, the only person you really need to impress is your partner.

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office romance tips

Be prepared for an office romance and avoid getting compromised

Since the majority of our time is spent in the office, it is inevitable at one point or another a flame will be ignited between you and a colleague. Office romances are frowned on by the bosses for good reason, as the fallout can be disastrous to the team and generally affect the status of the working environment. But, since we are human and allow our feelings get the better of our good judgement, it is wise to be prepared for an office romance before the supressed passion and thrill of being discovered clouds the judgement and leads to a complicated mess.

Keep these tips in mind before plunging into an office romance

Know the rules and understand the consequences.
Reading the company policy on conducting office romances will definitely cool the ardour. Know what the rules are and be ready to accept the consequence if you are planning to start an office romance. The secret will come out eventually and you will have to pay the piper.

...however, if you plan to pursue an office romance....

Whatever happens outside of work stays outside of work

Always socialise outside of the workplace and this includes not arranging a rendezvous close to or in the office.
If you find yourself lingering in the kitchen or near the water station to do some flirting, break the habit and set times after work hours to meet.
Don’t smile, wink, touch or offer any special treatment to the object of your desire during work. However, ‘casual and cool’ you think you are keeping it, your colleagues will notice the sparks and the gossip, rumours and innuendo will begin.

Stay on your own level

Dating someone higher on the corporate ladder can lead to a stagnant career, even if the relationship lasts. The consequences of being discovered can be severe so the boss/lover will not be willing to show any special favour when it comes to promotions.  If fact the odds are good that the boss will treat their partner more harshly as a result of the office romance.

Don’t give the gossips any ammunition

It is difficult not to crow about your newly found love to your colleagues. However, if anyone discovers the office romance (even your most trusted colleagues) you will become the subject of discussion. So keep your own council and resist the urge to post about your romance on social media.

Use your own resources

If you want to send an email, text or make a call, do it at your own expense.  Don’t use your company email account, phone, car or any other perk or benefit on your office romance.

Keep it professional

Not every office romance is destined to end happily ever after. Broken hearts and hurt feelings will create bad vibes in the office environment. Keep your professional mask on when dealing with the person you had an office romance with, and under no circumstances argue or try to exact any revenge in the office.

Disconnected Team?

Does your team need some T.L.C. to get back on track?

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