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See how Bidvest stays afloat

Team Building Challenge -Build and float a raft

The grounds at Intundla Game Lodge and Bush Spa are perfect for large scale Team Building Activities. And our dam is not just for the fish or to reflect the majestic bush scenery surrounding Intundla. Intundla regularly hosts Team Building activities where companies come to take up the challenge in a race to build a raft or float a bakkie and navigate across the dam to get to the finish. Needless to say, the winning team gets the bragging rights when it comes to reflecting on the day's events around the boma campfire.

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Game Lodge Helicopter Flip

Give your Romance a lift with a Helicopter Flip to Intundla Game Lodge and Bush Spa

This is one that needs to go on the bucket list – a helicopter trip to Intundla Game Lodge and Bush Spa. Although, don’t wait too long to tick this one off your list, as this outing is the perfect spoil, turning a special occasion (or just an ordinary day) into one filled with memories and wonder.
The trip begins early morning at Wonderboom National Airport with 360 Aviation.  As the helicopter takes off you are treated to a wonderful birds-eye view of the country. Since Intundla is close to Pretoria, located in the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve, the trip is short but packed full of majestic scenery.
Once you land at Intundla, the bush sounds, scents and tranquility will cause all the stress to melt away, leaving you to enjoy your special moment together.
There are several packages available ranging from a sumptuous Bush Breakfast, spa treatments and a game drive, depending on how much time you have put aside to be spoiled.

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Romantic game lodge wedding proposal

A master in the art of romance proposes at Intundla

Romance is certainly not dead and recently we were enlisted in helping a master in the art of romance to propose to his intended.
Romance is hard to quantify it is more than just the action of handing over a red rose or heading off to a fancy dinner, it can be encompassed with-in a single simple gesture such as holding out a hand to lead a girl to the dance floor or involve so much more… Any act of romance needs to have a feeling - be emotionally charged and make the recipient feel like they are the most loved person in the world…we all know it when we see it.

There is this saying: “you may not be the only person in the world, but you may mean the whole world to one person”.

Goodguyswag describes a romantic act as being “unexpected, thoughtful, uncommon, impractical, heroic, emotional, spiritual, and sensual.” They go on to give some tips for the guys.

Perhaps our master of the art of romance also read this GoogGuyswag article as he is certainly well versed in the subject matter…The couple arrived early at Intundla for a canoe trip on our dam with its green grassy verges and lovely tranquil scenery. We helped prepare a pick nick and let them head off for some undisturbed quality time. The couple returned for a romantic Thai full body massage and a Thai foot massage at our Bush Spa.
While the couple were being spoiled and pampered from head to toe, the staff readied the honeymoon suite (as per instruction) with a sprinkling of rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed surrounding a gift. If this was to be the end of the spoil, it could easily have been said that the girl felt completely romanced…but there was more to come.
The couple were picked up for a game drive and taken to the top of the mountain that rises behind Intundla Game Lodge and Bush Spa, where champagne was popped and so was the question.

We wish you both the most wonderful of blessings and were honoured to have been able to be part of this magically romantic time.

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Team Building at Intundla

Recognising the dynamic of a broken team

A dysfunctional working environment is often the cause of all work related issues. Without people many issues can be solved relatively quickly – just identify the problem and implement a solution, but people are not robots so things can get a little murky. Team Building is an effective means of encouraging people to see past their differences and rally together in support of a common business cause or project. At Intundla we can place our team building venue at your disposal, allowing you to dig deep into the interpersonal dynamics of the team and forge a strong team to lead the way.

But how do you identify that your team is broken and in need of some urgent attention. Looking at the overall team output, spirit or ‘vibe’ is a good starting point. Take a step back and imagine that you are seeing this team for the first time and distil that first blush of the team down into a single encompassing concept.

Here are a few to get started with:-
Are the team members constantly at war with each other? Where they are battling away with each other, sniping, back stabbing and competing in a looking-out-for-number-one fashion?  These interactions create deep wounds in the team dynamic, causing issues where as a leader, you are constantly required to police the interactions and put out fires.

This team is recognised as a tight-knit group, that will readily make the observation that they are the wonder-team in the company. No other department or ‘outsider’ will be able to effectively work with this team as they will be handicapped by the ‘wonder-teams’ overbearing arrogance, self-importance or disregard for people who are not part of their team.

There may be some people in this ‘team’ but they are unlikely to be seen ever working together. As a leader, you can bring them together but as soon as your attention is diverted they will scatter to the winds, each in a different direction. All tasks will be performed by the individuals with little or no cooperation, interaction or consultation.

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