The world’s smartest and brightest gather at Intundla

Intundla Game Lodge near Pretoria was honoured to have been chosen as the venue for the National Gathering of Mensa South Africa. Being conveniently close to the Gauteng Business Hub but still far enough away, allows for our guests to feel like they are "getting away from it all" and can focus on what is important distraction-free.
Our staff is adept at catering for the needs of our guests whether it is for a Conference, Wedding, Team Building Event, Function or Leisure.
The beauty of nature surrounding our Game Lodge aids visitors to de-clutter from everyday demands and to refocus refreshed with a renewed perspective. We can only imagine how some of the world's smartest people felt after visiting us in the heart of the Dinokeng Big 5 Game Reserve.
Obviously, we can go on and here is some feedback from one of the attendees of the Mensa SA National Gathering...

Dear Cindy, Faith and Lu

A tremendous, heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us at Mensa SA, who attended the National Gathering, and in particular the Pretoria Committee, who had the honour of working with you on this event.

I have seldom come across a team of dedicated, service-driven, friendly personnel such as yours. They are competent, efficient, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. We were blown away by your great service, and will forever be grateful for that.

Your venue was absolutely gorgeous. I even had two guests comment that they were considering having their next team building conferences at Intundla, because they fell in love with the place.

Thank you for the stunning accommodation, the wonderful treats and eats from your Magic Kitchen and for the effort you put into dressing up the Hippo Hall for our Western-themed dinner. It was stunning and helped turn this event into one of the most successful AGM's we have ever had. (Cowboy) Hats off to you!

Thank you for the friendly way in which you have accommodated our various requests and for letting everything run so smoothly.

I will definitely recommend your venue and your team to any and everybody I come across. You guys are the absolute best.

Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

Kind regards

Beverley and the Mensa Pretoria Committee

Beverley van der Merwe
Chairperson: Mensa Pretoria

Want to find out if you really are the smartest person in the room? Take the Mensa iq Test

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What NOT to do the night before your wedding

This is a tough one – with all that still seems to need attention, the expectations (and copious amounts of free advice and input) from the close family – what you do or don’t do on the eve of your wedding could cast a shadow on the next day’s celebrations. So keep your calm, poise and above all your sanity by following these tips.

Don’t change the plans
The nerves will be spiking the night before the big day and your ability to make any rational decisions will be taking a sabbatical from all the current chaos. Trust that your plans were made when you were in a saner state of mind and resist the urge to change the seating plan, décor, vows, etc.

Don’t try to commit anything to memory

The night before the wedding your mind will be very distractible and will skip from one track to another seemingly at random, like an old CD or record you dug up from when you were still single. Trying to memorise guest names, their peculiar habits or requests, or even your wedding vows will just lead to frustration.

Don’t succumb to peer pressure
The anticipated joy and excitement and mental state of mind (see above) will make you more susceptible to suggestions from your peers. Their comments and ‘helpful’ suggestions will have you tied in knots if you lend your ear to a relative or friend for too long… Like confessing to some infraction, feeling or secret or trying all manner of ‘home remedies’ to get rid of a blemish or spot.

Don’t party too hard

We all know that trying to function on a hangover and very little sleep the day after is no fun. Ideally, the groom and bride should have had their fun on their bachelor(etts) parties. So avoid bleary looks and bloodshot eyes in the wedding photo album by taking it easy and having an early night.

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Engage your Team from the Start with these great Icebreakers

We all know it is hard enough to get your Team together in one room, with diaries that are crammed with other meetings and engagements. It is even harder once you have them all together to get them open, responsive and engaged. Whether you are meeting for a Strategy Session, Workshop or Weekly meet, below are some of the best icebreakers to warm them up, clear the cobwebs from their overloaded minds and get them interacting.

How much do you need?

This is one of the most fun games and will also build loyalty and trust between team members. Nothing like opening up and sharing something of yourself to build relationships. It will also get a lot of laughs!

Pass a roll of toilet paper around the table (or tables if the group is large).

Tell the participants to take as much toilet paper as they would need to get the job done.

The laughter will get them loosened up already and then you tell them that for every square of toilet paper they tore off, they must tell the group one thing about themselves.

Stack the Cups

This is a much simpler game and helps break the ice immediately as they arrive at the venue. (Of course Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa is your first choice!)

As your participants arrive, they must each take one plastic cup, or more if you have a smaller group. They must stack the cups one on top of the other on a designated flat table.

The tension and fun will build as more people arrive and the difficulty of not knocking everyone else’s cups down intensifies. 

String your Talk

This is a great game if you have a few quiet people in your group or team. Also, the distraction of the string promotes talking. It will also stop the big talkers from monopolising the floor.

Cut a long string or ball of wool into various lengths from 30 centimetres to a metre long.

Bunch them all together in a bowl.

Each person gets a turn to take any piece of string, slowly wind it around their finger and while they do so they must introduce themselves and talk until the string is completely wound up.

The fun part is that some people get a long string and must keep talking, while others have to say everything they need to in a very short time!

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Bring the bride and groom closer together with some fun wedding games

At Intundla wedding venue near Pretoria, we feel that the idyllic surroundings and scenery can only help to intensify the feel-good wedding feelings. And with so much joy and love in the air when celebrating their happy union on the wedding day the bride and groom couldn’t hope to get any closer or could they?

Try some of these fun wedding games that bring the bride and groom closer – a little like Team Building but at a wedding

Kissing Game
The rules are that the bride and groom have to kiss when one of the following occurs (the better the performance the longer the kiss): Whenever…
* the wedding couple gets asked a newlywed trivia question by a guest
* a table sings a clip from a love song for the couple
* a guest tells a joke or does something that makes the couple laugh
* a story is shared that involves both the bride and groom
* someone gives the bride and groom marriage advice

The shoe game
This is a great icebreaker for the wedding couple and the guests as everyone can get involved.
See our related article for more on how this game works

Bride or Groom
Divide the wedding party into two groups – one male and the other female. Have two types of signs made up one type with “Bride” the other with “Groom”.  Start asking ‘who’ questions such as who will snore the most? Or who will spend the most? And let the guests decide by lifting up their signs to select the one who will be ‘most guilty’.

Feeding the bride and groom
Place the bride in a chair, and place a blindfold on the groom. Escort him a short distance away, spin him and place a banana or something easy to eat in his hand. He now has to feed his bride by following her instructions for locating her. Swap positions and place a piece of cake or something messy to eat in the brides' hand and see how the groom reacts to having guide the bride in with her messy morsel.

The usual suspect
Find out how well the groom knows his bride. Blindfold the groom and then line up a mixed bag of willing guests, ranging from young to old male and female.  Let the groom make his way along the line of ‘brides’ and try to find the real bride amongst the decoys.



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Pretoria Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Michelle & Trevor’s Wedding Weekend

Michelle and Trevor celebrated their wedding day at Intundla on the 9th July 2016 and were blessed with the perfect weather for an open air bush ceremony. Not only did the 80 + guests have a wonderful time, the staff at Intundla loved all their dealings with the Bridal party, family and friends. We are always so happy when the wedding party has the very best experience with us at Intundla as it is exactly what we all strive for.

Review from Tripadvisor

“Michelle and Trevor's wedding 9 July 2016”

I don't think I can say enough good things about this venue! My daughter got married there on 9 July 2016 and it was amazing!
10 of us arrived on the Friday so we could relax and not have to rush the next day. They had arranged a special dinner in the Wine cellar for us. It was an excellent meal with a soup starter and fish and babootie with veg for main and a delicious dessert.The service was excellent.
Breakfast was ready for us at 730 as the hairdresser was due at 8am and it was excellent. The honeymoon suite was chaos with 5 bridesmaids 2 flower girls and their Moms myself and the grooms mom all being made beautiful by Lara our wonderful hairdresser and Gelise and her partner doing excellent makeup. Champagne and lunch were delivered and much appreciated.
Teneale from Szoosh decor did an excellent job on the decor in both the Hippo function venue and the lawn where we held the ceremony. I highly recommend this lady. Perhaps check her Facebook Page.
Faith our wedding planner deserves a special mention. She was always available and ready to help with all requests and queries, no matter how silly they were. Michelle's 5 bridesmaids forgot to help her with her dress and train in their rush to get to the ceremony, but Faith was there to help. What a wonderful person!
The reception was well run and the food was amazing. The soup starter arrived on time and the buffet mains were very tasty and well presented. The malva dessert was just what we needed. The food for the kids was served to them personally and was ideal meals for small kids. The special diet food was also much appreciated.
On the Sunday morning , all our guests were complimenting us on our choice of venue and how well everything went. Breakfast for 80+ guests all at the same time on Sunday was well organised and ran smoothly. Thank you so much to Faith and the team at Intundla for a wonderful wedding and perfect weekend. Every small detail was attended to- the temperature drops quite dramatically at night, but the efficient staff went to all the rooms in the evenings and turned on the heaters and closed curtains so the rooms were warm when we returned much later. Hot water bottles were also provided

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