Is work-life balance a Myth?

Most of us don’t have much control over the hours we work, and for some, it might feel that work-life balance is a total myth. But there is a way, and if you can learn to focus your time and resources on the things that you can control, you can start getting your life back.

Schedule time off

Some people go as far as planning for their holidays, long weekends, and time off first, before planning for anything else for that year. If you can achieve this great! But if you struggle to plan this far ahead, then just start with your week. Plan some time with your family, date-night with your wife or girlfriend, or perhaps a lunch with friends. You have to be pro-active in your planning, if you don’t, you are more likely to succumb to work pressure.

Limit mobile use

This is probably the biggest culprit in stealing our time and energy. Here is where you have to set yourself clear boundaries. Most smartphones have a do not disturb function, you can set when to enable and disable your notifications, and most phones will even allow weekly planner start and end times, as well as allow for some exceptions, like calls. (You can’t miss the call from your wife!) If you struggle to keep to your resolutions, take each day at a time, with practise even the most die-hard can’t-survive-without-checking-the-phone-every-2-seconds-person can get better!

Live in the moment

Even when you are at a conference or team building event, you can still switch off and relax, take in the moment and create more enjoyment in your life. As long as this is not during the presentation, but AFTER! At Intundla Conference & Team Building Venue just outside Pretoria, you will have plenty of reasons to unwind and get your groove back. Not only is our beautiful Lodge situated in prime game reserve surroundings, but we offer excellent team building activities, to help distract and re-energize from the normal humdrum of life.

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Honeymoon ideas after your Wedding at Intundla

After your first few days at Intundla Wedding Venue, only 55 minutes from OR Tambo/Johannesburg and 30 minutes from Pretoria, where you've spend some quality time with your partner, canoeing, going on romantic game drives, abseiling to new adventures and sipping those cocktails into the sunset – why not make your way further into our beautiful country and explore some more of what we have to offer.

South Africa offers some of the world’s top travel cities & experiences, and is also perfect for your honeymoon!


An all-time favourite under local South Africans, Knysna is a truly beautiful place. The mountains, lagoon, Heads & sea and off course the Knysna forest…

Knysna offers something for everyone: from 5-star hotels, cozy tree-top huts with outdoor bath/shower facilities, chalets overlooking the lagoon or self-catering accommodation. And, try as you may, you’ll never get around to doing everything there is here!

Must-do: Take a guided walk through the forest. Yes, with a guide, as this is the only way you’ll get to see the truly magical places, that’s just slightly off the usual track.


Situated just outside of Durban, Umhlanga is the hot-spot on the Kwazulu-Natal coast. It boasts beautiful white sandy beaches and, lucky for the visitors, some warmer ocean waters!

Again, a favourite among locals, Umhlanga caters for everyone. A close drive to one of the biggest shopping experiences in Africa, Internationally acclaimed uShaka Marine World and surrounded by the natural beauty of plantations, forests, lagoons & nature reserves.

Must-do: Low cost, high romantic score… Take a sunset stroll along the O’Conner promenade and pick any one of the fancy restaurants to spoil your new partner.

Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding at Intundla and of course, happy honeymooning!


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Make your Events Count

Because hosting Conferences and Team building events is something we do on a daily basis, it would be safe to say we are experts in this field. So here we have some ideas to help you make the most out of your events, whether it is a seminar, year-end function, conference or team build.

Name challenge

Set a challenge at the beginning of the event, to be completed for a prize…

For a large gathering set the challenge for them to find someone with the same name or initials. This will at the very least have your them asking each other’s names. But don’t make it too easy – don’t give them name cards, that’s cheating!

Mystery word

A bit of silliness brings out the giggles – a sure way to turn yours’ into a memorable event. But silliness is best served in bite-sized pieces.

During a break or specified time slot, have your guests stick a card containing a mystery word (which has been prepared beforehand) to their forehead. Then asking yes/no questions only, each has to guess their word. This works well in groups too – the first group to get all their answers win!

Word search

Setting down a communal word-search could be just that little something to give weary brains a rest. These are great during breaks or lunch times, or afterwards at the bar.

Contact our Conference Coordinators if you need help with ideas!

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Destination Wedding: Gauteng, South Africa

I know every bride has reached this point at some time:

                I wish we could just run away and get married already!

Then perhaps a destination wedding is for you.

Destination weddings have been popular for many years (even decades) – hosting your dream day at your dream location, be it white beaches, woody forests or the beautiful South African bushveld. It’s a chance for a total dream experience, not just that one perfect day.

All the reason to just do it!

Most venues (like here at Intundla Wedding Venue) offer a fully packaged deal: We provide accommodation, venues for the ceremony & reception, catering, décor & a full planning service. It’s the perfect solution to making your day hassle free.

Some venues will also organise activities for your guests to enjoy while ‘on holiday’ for your wedding, to make their trip extra special too.

And while you’re here – enjoy a spa experience with your friends & family!

Keep in mind that your wedding will probably be on the small side as some guests may not be able to afford the travel, but there are various options to get the most out of this:

1) This is the perfect ‘excuse’ not to invite your second-cousin-removed-on-your-dad’s-brother’s-wife’s-side… “It’s just a small wedding, sorry.”

2) With a shorter guest list, you could opt to push additional funds into your ceremony or reception. Or you could ensure the important people do get to join you, by helping fund their travel costs. Or do both!

Here’s the ultimate reason for a destination wedding:

You can do it anywhere in the world! Anywhere you heart desires… and no further travelling required because you’re already at your honeymoon destination!

Now sit back, sip your cocktail, and enjoy a beautiful day overlooking the splendour that Intundla Game Lodge Wedding Venue offers.

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