Wedding Favour Flavours

Party (wedding) favours used to be reserved for wealthy European aristocrats only but are these days considered the norm at any wedding. (And it may even be frowned upon if there aren’t any favours for your guests!)

Originally these aristocrats would gift each of their guests with a bonbonniere – a small box of crystal, porcelain or other precious stone containing sugar lumps.Soon the most common favour became almonds, even to the general public, which then turned to sugared almonds. This gift is said to represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health & happiness and the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

But it has been a long time since almonds were trendy…

There is a big variety of modern wedding favours, and each bride (I can assure you) wants to be unique, even with these little gifts.


From champagne flutes, tiny eats in the form of chocolates, fudge or Turkish delight, a candle, a brooch or other trinket. The favour may either be a safe-keep to remind your guests of your big day or a simple “thank you for joining us”. Decide what it is you want to convey – should it last a long time, or is it for immediate enjoyment?

So many options!

Examples of gifts to serve as a reminder include engraved champagne flutes, scented candle with a special design, music compilation of songs that you danced to at the reception.

Quick treats that wow include handcrafted cookies, macaroons, or a simple glass jar filled with candy.

Make sure, though, that it suits your style/theme.

Whatever you decide on, don’t keep them in the back room for later – you will probably spend a considerable time on perfecting them, so why not include them in your table setting or décor. They’ll brighten up your wedding & the hearts of your guests!

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Why the good ones quit their jobs to go to work for someone else

There is so much choice when looking for someone to fill a position but it sometimes seems that all the good ones are taken. And when you find a good one, it can be devastating when they drop you for another company.

Why do good employees quit?
Good employees are good because they have talent and know how to use it to their and the companies advantage. They get noticed as top performers but are less likely to be satisfied with a bad situation. And so as achievers they know what they want and will follow a path that will take them to where they want to go, it just may not be with you or your company.

It’s not the job it’s you
Even the best job and company will lose its appeal if there is a bad manager in charge. Bad managers are not necessarily incompetent, otherwise they wouldn’t have achieved their position, but lack some skills that are now required to keep a good worker. Good employees need quality communication, recognition, to be challenged and allowed to grow.
To keep a good employee a manager needs to be a mentor, teacher and coach.

Too many hours and not enough time
The problem with having someone who is really efficient and gets results, is that it is all too easy to keep loading their plate. There is this phrase – “if you want something done, give it to someone who is busy”. The problem with this is that, there is a fine line between stretching someone and overloading them. Someone who feels overwhelmed will look for ways to ease the burden.
You will get better results if people are not overworked and exhausted but still expected to work all hours at the office.

The company is your all and everything
If there is an expectation that employees are required to drop everything that is important to them to serve the interests of the company, they will begin to feel like they are nothing but cogs in a big wheel (or meat in a meat grinder).
Give opportunities to grow and develop so that employees see a future in your company and want to find a place in your company that inspires them.

Rewarding the wrong people
Nothing breaks morale and trust like giving the recognition to the wrong or undeserving people. And nothing boosts morale and trust like giving the reward to the right people. Recognition comes in many forms and even a simple job-well-done pat on the back should never be underestimated. Don’t miss any opportunities to recognise an employee’s efforts and always do it as publically as possible.

Good employees are not needles in a haystack
Everyone, deep down wants to feel special and be recognised. Sometimes it takes more to lift certain people up and we tend to develop favourites that we like, or would rather work with. If the workplace is geared to recognising and developing peoples strengths there will be far more ‘good employees’ working for your company.

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How to respectfully tackle a difficult situation at the office

When faced with a colleague that has bad odour or wears too much perfume, this can be a tough one, rife with all sorts of possible landmines, if you misstep and are anything less than extremely tactful, it will all explode in your face. Handled badly this situation will leave you with more fires to put out caused by wounded pride, battered self-image and indignation.

Having a person that smells in the office is a very damaging to work relationships especially with the smelly person in question. The smell may not be attributed to poor personal hygiene, the person may be a bit too fond of garlic or a pungent perfume or cologne.
Employees are less likely to want to interact with someone who smells and are more likely to be distracted in a face to face encounter.
It fosters bad feelings in the team and will cause a rift between the fresh/neutral smelling people and the one who is too ripe.
Office gossip will begin to become malicious and jokes will be circulated.
Ultimately the smelly person’s position and authority will be undermined by the situation.
How to tackle the bad smell problem
Subtle hints and the odd ‘surprise’ gift of some personal hygiene products aren’t going to get the job done. You will need to meet this head on.

Before the confrontation
Do some homework and find out as much as you can about the bad smelling employee. Have there been any complaints? Any medical issues? Any Previous action that was taken and what were the results?

Behind closed doors
This is a sensitive issue so make sure that a meeting is properly scheduled to take place in a private location.

Compose yourself
You are going to be spending some time in the company of this odorous person so be mentally prepared. Aim for a compassionate, sensitive and an understanding starting point.

Be neutral
When addressing the issue keep your tone of voice calm and level. Be informative and tactful. Don’t focus solely on the smell, rather show the bigger picture where their odour is affecting their working environment, career prospects and team relationships.

Set a new date
Let them know that they are important to you and you will be following up to see how they are doing.

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Trendy or Classic Wedding?

Choose your style and choose it wisely… it will forever be locked in your memory and photographs.

But these days there are so many to choose from, so many trends to keep up with, and they may not all be to your taste.

A touch of the whimsical

Think magical lighting, soft hues of colour, flowers that remind you of fairy gardens and little girl daydreams. All things that are easily relatable to a classical wedding.

Easy solutions to breaking the classical mould: just add little mismatched vases, bowls & urns (maybe even a teacup!) for your flower arrangements; add fairy lights or hanging lanterns to outdoor areas or antiques to your venue décor. You could even add a little chiffon to a classical gown to give it that sweepy fairy look.

A splash of colour

Bright colours are the fashion trend at the moment. Using bright colours in your wedding can create a bold, creative statement, but be careful with this one – too much can definitely go wrong!

Quick fix to add a little fun: choose shoes with brightly coloured soles, or paint them yourself and match yours with your partner’s! Off-set your white gown with a bright bouquet, colourful bridesmaids dresses and ties (& socks!) for the groomsmen.

An ocean of white, white, white

Go totally understated – go all out on white!

Crystal glasses & damask table clothes laid with white settings. Crisp linen, roses, bubbles and pearls. Keeping things white seems too easy – even grooms are catching on!

Go out and plan the wedding that reflects who you are – take a trend and twist it for yourself.

The trick is to stay understated – resist getting carried away, and you’ll have an elegant, classical, totally-you wedding!

At Intundla Wedding Venue, we have our own in-house décor specialist that will help bring all your décor ideas to life! Intundla is only 30 minutes from Pretoria in an absolute gorgeous Bush setting.

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