Conference venue technology – remember the old days?

Remember the old conferences with the transparent projectors and the file of hand drawn or printed transparencies? The speaker would um and aahh while walking backwards and forwards to change slides and then realise that it was displaying upside down, back to front or both. After being satisfied that the slide is OK the audience would be subjected to an eye watering few moments when the focus was adjusted.

Conferences would take place in darkened rooms so people could see the slides and then the attendees would occasionally be released into the blinding light outside for a quick smoke break.

File-o-faxes were the order of the day and the lucky few reps had brick sized cell phones or car phones with an enormous battery packs. Things were much simpler and people did business face to face. Once you were out of the office you were, for all intents and purposes, out of contact until you sent a fax or got to a landline.

The modern pace of business demands that we are kept up to date with the latest conference technology. Fortunately Intundla is keeping pace providing companies with everything that they need to make a success of their time with us. It is even more important to us that we provide a first rate service as we are surrounded by nature close to Pretoria, but far enough away for visitors to get that ‘out-of-office’ feeling and still be in touch.

We still find that a message can be communicated effectively with the most basic of lines deftly drawn on a flipchart and so maintain the low-tech options. However if you need to video conference with your colleges we have the technology and the bandwidth to make sure that everyone feels like they are communicating face to face. After all even with the best speakers, topics to cover, presentation styles and the most fired up attendees, you still need the basics in place and fully functioning.

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Intundla Conference, Team Building and Wedding venue… how the times have changed

Nostalgia has immense power over our memories and feelings. To see or smell something that is intrinsically linked to our past, which in a blink of an eye transports us back in time.  Using our past memories is a very effective tool for marketers – look at SAB bringing back the castle dumpies or the fashionable retro 50’s artwork. The old days appear to be filled with such magic where everything was a lot simpler.  But for a Bush Lodge the future looks a lot brighter than our humble beginnings. From a Private Bush Lodge to a full service Conference, Team Building, Spa and Wedding Venue – Intundla today is a wonderful place to behold. But don’t just take our word for it here are some pics to prove it!

The good old days

When we nearly lost it all

Always making improvements

Creating great memories

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Wedding reception catering – serving your guests with a twist

Despite all the care and attention taken to pick the perfect wedding venue and then to plan and organise a wedding... it will be what food was served up for the guests that will be the take home memory. Yes… of course… some will remember the dress, others will remember how touching the vows were, or how wonderful the decorations, or that funny/awkward moment.  But most guests are thinking of themselves on your special day and so will miss most of what happened, although they will remember the food and beverages! Help them remember more of your special day with these wedding catering twists.

His and Hers signature preferences

Despite loving each other enough to tie the knot, the bride and groom have different tastes, which is part of their attraction (to each other). Let the guests get to know the bride and goorm better (when you are not just the bride and groom) by giving them a glimpse of your tastes. Set up his and hers stations with your favorite beverages or cocktails, favorite snacks and decorate them with your favorite colours and accessories.

Farmers Market Style

Eliminate assigned seating and the headaches of matching guests according to who they like or are currently speaking/not speaking to. Have different stalls with fresh produce, craft beverages, and food options such as crepes, oyster bar and other traditional farmer’s market fair. The guests will have fun as they go from stall to stall, collecting their chosen food and beverages.  Have a communal section with seating where the guests can mingle and come and go as they top-up their plates and glasses.

Circle the wagons

If you don’t want the hassle factor or have the budget to put together a farmers market then arrange for a few food trucks to serve the guests.  Food trucks have come a long way since the greasy rat-traps, flipping processed-cheap-no-name-or-species ‘meat’, for the local factory workers. They are smart, shiny and the fair is innovative and fresh.

If you need a venue with a great view and plenty of space then Intundla Wedding Venue is the perfect place.

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Wedding Altars

From beautifully draped altars, traditional chapels and naturally rustic outdoor canopies, there are plenty of ways to create a gorgeous backdrop for your vows. Put an extra twist in the knot you'll be tying with these beautiful wedding altars. The wonderful thing about these wedding altars is that they can be created and fashioned in no time. Intundla Wedding Venue just outside Pretoria is the perfect location for your dream wedding. Our in-house Wedding Coordinators will make your dream wedding a reality.



Natural wood with white flowers. This along with the natural surrounds at Intundla Game Lodge makes for a picture perfect wedding.

Below are a few variations of the Natural altar look.


Make use of existing natural beauty to enhance the look of your Wedding Ceremony. You would be surprised at how romantic you can make your ceremony décor, just by draping materials, scattering flowers and adding a few elements, like an old bicycle, door and window frames, words, and other rustic elements.

Use materials that are soft, flowing and sheer, for a more romantic effect. Flowers can be used as ties around the drapes, or suspended from the framework and looks beautiful on a green lawn scattered in a pattern.

If you want a more traditional wedding Intundla has a beautiful chapel that can be decorated with your choice of décor. Talk to our wedding coordinators about all the options for your idyllic wedding at Intundla.

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