Don’t let these wedding myths spoil the magic on your wedding day

From sourcing the perfect wedding venue to picking out the confetti, there is so much pressure riding on the wedding planner to get everything right on the big day. Over the course of the wedding planning stage to the closing of the ‘perfect’ day, tensions increase close to breaking point. With all this stress in play, any minor mishap or deviation from the plan can cause a completely disproportionate reaction, or even a total meltdown. And suddenly in the heat of the moment, breaking a wedding myth could put the bride, groom, bride’s mom, etc. into a flat spin that is tough to recover from.
So before something happens that spoils the day here are a few myths that you don’t need to worry about.

It’s your special day

Your wedding is not about you, as you will quickly find out when the bride’s or groom’s mom steps into the ring ‘just to help you out a little bit’. The people attending your wedding have expectations and some will have no problem letting you know how disappointed they are that you didn’t think to include [insert tradition, circumstance or uninvited person here].  Be prepared to have to haggle over the wedding plans, give in on certain issues and show that you are at least seriously considering a suggestion before you dismiss it.

The wedding dress has to be white

It’s fine to break from tradition and walk down the aisle in a non-white dress. Traditionally the white dress represented virginal purity and if your dress had any other colour, you were announcing that you were not a virgin. But today there are some fantastic wedding dresses and accessories that will add that splash of colour, enhancing the bride’s beauty.

You will never look as beautiful as you did on your wedding day

With all the wedding planning stress, sleepless nights, last minute jitters… it’s a miracle that you don’t look your worst! Even if you are showing a few cracks, a new nervous tick or two, a couple of grey extra hairs and a few wrinkles, remember that the photographer can always Photoshop you later.

Dropping the rings or seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck

To be more correct if you drop the ring that person will die. If both rings are dropped then the first one that lands represents the first to die. Not the kind of thing you want to be thinking about just before you say ‘I do”. And don’t worry if you accidently get a sneak preview of the bride on the wedding day, as a modern groom you’ve probably helped pick the dress out, or at least been present at some of the fittings.

Rain is an omen of some kind (post wedding tears that will be cried, good luck, bad luck, cleansing, fertility boosting…)

Rain on the wedding day has many meanings but the only one you should worry about is if your wedding is about to take place outdoors.

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Get the most out of your Business Meetings

From a Conference Venue’s perspective we certainly understand that for a successful meeting to run smoothly you need to have the right venue, the required equipment, refreshments and food that will sustain your energy throughout the meeting.  But once the doors are closed and the group seated, how do you get the most from the meeting?

Stay on Track

Have clear goals for the meeting, and make sure everyone knows what needs to be achieved and are committed to the success of the meeting. Prior to the meeting give notice of the objectives and the expected results, allowing attendees to prepare in advance. For example If you are looking to improve the quality of your service providers don’t waste time raising the topic at the meeting to be nodded at and kicked around, make sure that some solid contacts and references are brought to the meeting so immediate action can be taken.

Invite all the key people

Though it may be comforting to have people in front of you that will nod, laugh at your humour and agree to all the points of the meeting, once the pens and pads are filed away in the delegates office drawers, did anything actually get achieved? Having the right people attend will make all the difference.
If you are meeting with many department heads and need to deal with issues specific with each department, don’t drag the rest of them along just so they can wait their turn. Rather break the meeting up into 15 minute slots and deal with each separately, if there needs to be some cooperation or cohesion between departments then have the right people present for that specific aspect.

Restrain monopolisers

It is great to have your participants engaged and contributing to the meeting especially if they are all decision makers. However, nothing kills the momentum and effectiveness of a meeting faster than a meeting hijacker. Be tactful and move the meeting on smartly, and you will avoid having to come back again to accomplish the original objectives of the initial meeting.

Time is your friend

Nothing kills creative thought faster than dragging out a meeting and cramming as much as possible into it. Break the sessions up into 60 minute slots, with short breaks for refreshments. Taking a break from hammering at an issue will allow the information to be digested and may foster some innovative solutions.

Limit mobile distractions

If people are allowed to bring their phones or tablets into a meeting (other than for presentation purposes) then there is a strong possibility that they will be sneaking a peek at their messages and getting distracted.

Action steps and Follow through

Put the main points of the meeting in writing, the decisions reached and the responsibilities assigned. Don’t wait for time to pass, make sure this is in their inboxes the following day of the meeting.  Follow up on the memo to keep people on track.

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Intundla Team Building Venue Mission Impossible

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building has become a real buzzword over the last several years and some may be wondering if it is worth all the hype. The most important reason why you would still want to embark on a team building event is because taking employees out of the office helps groups break down political and personal barriers, it eliminate distractions, and of course it is a lot of fun.

The benefits of team-building programs are so significant that many companies have incorporated teambuilding strategies into their yearly training curriculum.

Below are Three very Important Reasons why you should Encourage Team Building in your Company:

Initiates Better Creativity

Everyday life and especially being in an office five days a week can easily become mundane and this is a sure thing to stifle creativity. Just being in a different environment is enough to already open up the creative juices, and even more so with the right team building activities to inspire creativity. One of our favourite team building activities here at Intundla, that drives creativity and also working as a team is the Mission Impossible where teams have to get a vehicle across the dam at Intundla. This environment often gives permission for employees to be more creative and to use their imagination to accomplish the tasks set before them and their newly learned creative problem-solving skills are transferred back to the workplace once the activities are complete.

Opens up Communications Channels

Certain team building exercises are designed to develop skills and techniques that foster better communication. When these skills are practiced during the team building activities the team members discover how each of the members communicate, as well as various other teams within the company. Effective communication is something learned, and needs constant attention to function at an optimum level. Team building and especially in an outdoor environment, creates the ideal platform to build and develop your team’s communication skills.

Creates Strong Commitment

One of the things that happen during a team building event is that everyone pulls in the same direction. When a team or group actually experiences this feeling through team building activities, it gives them an understanding of what can be accomplished with greater collaboration for a common goal. The bonding that takes place during these team building events and their achievements, creates a sense of belonging and reinforces the individuals’ and the team’s commitment.


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Have a Spa Day with your Bridesmaids at Intundla

You have already picked Intundla as your Wedding Venue of choice because it is so close to Pretoria and OR Tambo airport, and it is the most beautiful game lodge setting any bride can dream of! The excitement of your wedding is mounting but time is fleeting and before a wedding there is a lot to do (to say the least!)

Planning that perfect wedding can be stressful on the bride, but also on her bridesmaids. The greatest thing you can do for yourself and your bridesmaids is to take a break from all the wedding stuff, relax and spend the day together at our Spa at Intundla. You might not get this opportunity again once you are married and your new life as the MRS starts demanding your full attention.

If you are anything like most brides then this will certainly be one of the best days of your life (apart from your wedding day of course!) When entering the sanctity of the Spa, you will immediately start relaxing and with nothing to distract you, you can truly forget about all the pressures of the wedding, and fully immerse yourself in some quality time with your friends. Very few things come close to spending valuable time with the people we love, and they will certainly appreciate the gesture!

Benefits of a Spa day at Intundla

Healthy glowing skin

The last thing you need on your wedding day is the breakout of a spot. Relaxation and especially the kind that a spa treatment will give you, is very good for your skin and will leave you and your bridesmaids looking more radiant than ever. On the other hand, research suggests that stress produces more oil which in turn can clog up those pores and produce unwanted acne.


This might be more appropriate for your bridesmaids, since you’ve already made the best decision of your life – to get married to the man you love! But studies have found that stress seems to actually change how we weigh risks and rewards, and can cloud our judgment when we are faced with important decisions.

Boosts memory

You want to remember every second of your wedding day and research on mice have concluded that short bursts of stress impaired the centres of the brain involved in memory and learning, and the mice struggled to remember how to find their way through the maze. Not that you’d have to run through a maze on your wedding day, as long as you follow the red carpet and remember to say I DO, you should be ok!

It will keep you in the mood

You probably don’t have any problems with this at the moment while living in the euphoria of getting-married-soon! But your bridesmaids could possibly do with more feelings of love (especially towards a demanding bride!) Research shows that the prolonged presence of the stress hormone cortisol can reduce levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are linked to how you feel.

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