Keep the customers happy by treating your employees well

Depending on the way your company is structured your best equipped employees for handling customer care may not in fact be the ones at the front line acting as your company ambassadors. So how do you make sure that no matter who is the first contact for a customer, the customer always leaves with a great impression?

Your best clients are your existing customers

In our efforts to secure additional business we sometimes overlook or undervalue our existing customers. Keeping the customers happy will ensure that they return to do business with your company rather than trying out the competition.
The first contact leaves a lasting impression and if the new customer feels they received good service and good value they are well on their way to becoming loyal customers. Every contact thereafter with the customer has to leave them feeling like they are being understood and they are your top priority. The only way to successfully achieve this is to take a close look at your company culture.  Start collecting feedback from your employees to find out what is working, what would help them provide a better service, be more productive, etc.
Be open and allow your employees to have their say. Use Team Building Activities to break the ice and help improve the group dynamics and communication.

Improving your company culture creates happy loyal customers

Keeping employees happy does not just mean raises to salaries or performance bonuses. Despite money being an important and necessary factor, handing out more of it is not necessarily going to increase productivity or make people go the extra mile.
Most people want to feel like they belong and are appreciated for their efforts.  In fact just upping the recognition given to employees is shown to improve productivity, customer handling and office culture and reduce staff turnover.
Here an info-graphic with 20 ways to reward employees without having to spend money.


20 Ways to Reward Your Employees Without Spending a Dime (Infographic)This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the employee pulse survey software to help you improve your company culture.

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Team building Activities Outdoors

5 Tips for Working in Groups

There has recently been a lot more focus on Psychometrics when analysing whether someone is a good candidate for a job opening. One of the things these psychoanalysts look at is how well the participant can work in a group or a team. For most of us, if you want to be successful, you will have to learn how to be a team player. Below are 5 tips on how to master this team sport.

Psychometrics is the field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. One part of the field is concerned with the objective measurement of skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational achievement. – Wikipedia

  1. Be active and work hard

One of the first rules, if you want to be a team player, is to proactively participate in the team work, and to give it all you have, plus some! Half-hearted attempts will quickly show that you are not that interested, and you won’t get the rest of the team’s commitment this way.

  1. Listen actively and be open

Pay attention to what others have to say and show genuine interest. Engage in the conversation, and instead of telling others what to do, offer questions or suggestions. Team players don’t bully others to go along with what they want, the get collaboration through the sharing of ideas.

  1. Be inclusive and take turns

Give every member of the team a chance to speak, and include everyone when making any decisions. Be cooperative and take turns to lead and to follow. Avoid being too critical and refrain from making any personal remarks.

  1. Be timely and stay focused

Being on time shows respect to the rest of the group. It also shows your commitment to the team and their goals. Don’t wander off topic, be mindful of what the team is aiming to achieve at all times. Stay focused and be accountable for any tasks and deadlines assigned to you.

  1. Identify strengths and assign roles

Get to know your team members from the start. Identify the members’ individual strengths and weaknesses, and assign tasks and roles that will complement their strong suits. Some people are good at research, while others excel at giving presentations. Us this to the team’s advantage and be quick to hand out praise.

Intundla Team Building Venue offers the ideal location for meeting with your group and guaranteeing that you get the best out of your TEAM.

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How to choose your Wedding #Hashtag

Hashtags are not just something teenagers use and there are lots of benefits for having one for your Wedding. The best reason to have a hashtag for your wedding (other than that it is so much fun!) is that it will allow you, after your wedding, to see the day from various angles and perspectives. This is by far the easiest way to collect all your wedding photos and comments from places like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But how do you choose the perfect hashtag that’s not only a perfect fit for you and your better half, but won’t get absorbed in an ocean of hashtags.

Choose a Unique Hashtag

The most important thing when choosing your hashtag is to make sure it is not already taken. Your photos can get lost if the hashtag you’ve chosen is the same as something else that is hugely popular like #herecomesthebride.

So where to start?

You can go for the classis #sallywilliamhitched, or if you have a difficult last name, or one that is hard to spell, try changing it slightly, and instead of #FinlayTharpeWedding try #FarpesWedding. If you want to be a bit more creative you can always try alliteration like #sallysaysido or #thomastiestheknot. If you’ve got your eyes on a hashtag but it has already been taken, add your location or date to the end #andrewsarah2015 or #hitchedatIntundla. Using common words or wedding phrases and rhyme in your hashtag will make for some laughs, #knotabadidea #maidenknight. And I’m sure you can do far better than this! If you’re still stuck there are plenty of Wedding Hashtag Generators that will do the job for you.

Some of the best #weddinghashtags we’ve seen:





Make sure your guests know your Hashtag

There are lots of ways you can let your guests know about your hashtag. Include it in your invitation, have it displayed prominently on your Wedding Website. And of course on post some signage at the Wedding Ceremony. Other clever ways to remind your guests of your hashtag is to have it printed on the back of your place cards, attached a printed label to your confetti parcels.

Most importantly have fun with it. You could consider your 21st-century Guestbook.

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3 Ways to get the Groom involved in Planning your Wedding

We all know that when it comes to weddings it is more of a girl’s thing and most of us dream about our wedding day from when we are little girls. This however doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include your fiancé in your wedding planning. This is a very special time, and having the groom’s input can make your wedding even more memorable.

Find out what’s important to him

The best place to start is always in conversation. Talk to the love of your life and find out what he likes and of course, dislikes. If he is a music fanatic and has a stack of old LP’s in his collection, then it will be obvious to put him in charge of the music and the entertainment. Or if he has creative blood then let him sort out the wedding invitations. This way you will also find out what he dislikes and you won’t bore him with details about the colour of the napkins and table cloths. He will feel proud to be part of your wedding planning and it will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Go easy on him though and don’t talk about the wedding ALL the time. Remember to just be together some times and enjoy each other’s company.

Add an element of the groom to the wedding

You’d be surprised at what guys can come up with. But it is usually the groom’s input in a wedding that adds the element of fun. Maybe your fiancé and his groomsmen want to show off with a special dance at your wedding, or maybe the groom himself has a few moves to bust! If your man’s favourite colour for instance is turquoise, the men can all wear turquoise socks. Or if he’s a keen supporter of a sports team, they can all wear the team’s colours as underwear. Your husband-to-be will feel like he is part of the day by being involved, and you might learn something new about him at the same time!

Let him plan the honeymoon

If your groom doesn’t have any special skills in cake tasting, décor planning or photographer vetting, then this one is for him. What makes this even easier to plan is the fact that you don’t have to consider anyone but yourselves. This will be your first holiday together as husband and wife and something you’ll be telling your grandkids about. Let him plan the honeymoon and if you want he can even keep it as a secret. Your surprise will be double the fun! If you want to give your input then turn it into a fun game of trivia and learning about what each of you love (and dislike) about travel, countries, terrain and destinations.

Mostly try not to want to control every aspect of the wedding, have some fun and remember this is already part of your journey together!

Image courtesy of Phonix Capture, Wedding Venue Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa

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