Social Media and Getting Married

Today’s bride is doing things a little bit differently than the bride of a decade ago. From the moment she gets engaged till she gets married and after. Everything gets recorded on social media. You will see one of the first things a bride does is announce her engagement with a picture of her ring on Facebook.

According to, within hours of saying “yes,” 28% of brides-to-be update their social media statuses, while 24% do so the next day. And then of course the wedding planning starts and no bride today does so without the help of Pinterest. In fact 70% of women were already pinning on Pinterest before even getting engaged.

Social Media is a great tool for planning your wedding and collecting pictures and ideas about venues, décor, flowers, wedding dresses and your wedding cake. But social media can also create problems for the happy couple. Think about the gushing mother of the bride that pre-maturely announces her daughter’s engagement on Facebook and stealing their thunder, before the newly-engaged couple gets a chance to do so themselves. Or an overenthusiastic bridesmaid posts a picture of the bride in her wedding gown and shares it with the world even before the lucky groom has a chance to see her walk down the aisle.

This can be very worrying for any engaged couple planning their wedding, especially if you are of the more camera/social-media shy populace. If the bride-to-be is hoping to immortalize her beautiful wedding day and have the best wedding photographer take only the most dazzling and flattering photos, then she won’t be too happy with a shutter-bug cousin posting a photo of her on Facebook stuffing wedding cake in her mouth in a rather insalubrious fashion.

With this in mind it is only natural and fair that as a Bride you can have some Social Media Etiquette at your Wedding.

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5 Best Ways to Propose to Her

If you understand anything about women you will know that chances are she’s been dreaming about the day that the man of her dreams propose to her, since she was a little girl. What this means to you is that it doesn’t really matter how you propose to her, as long as it is a very special occasion and one that she will remember forever. To help you get your creative proposal juices flowing, we at Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria, have done some research of our own to find the best imaginable ways to propose.

1. Live lip-dub with friends and family

This guy went all out and rallied all the family and friends to help. This is a wonderful way to propose if of course you’re sure what her answer will be. Then again, with a proposal like this how can a girl say no?!


2. Post-it notes

This is a very cute video but possible not too practical unless you have access to a lot of post-its and of course are hugely artistic. But it can open up a lot of ideas though, surprising your lovely with notes and pictures in the most unexpected places.


3. Ring on a string

This has been done a few times in various ways but remains a very romantic way to propose. If you can have the right music playing in the background you will really impress your girl.


4. Singing proposal

This is terribly sweet and this guy really pulled at the strings of his girl’s heart. Notice one element in all the proposals that make them work? Surprise! We love the idea of all the little love notes hanging on the tree and that is easy enough to pull off.


5. Take to the sky

We picked this wedding proposal purely because it is so outrageous! This poor girl! We don’t recommend going quite that far with your proposal but planning something exciting and adventurous could get you some extra brownie points, that is if your girl is the adventurous type of course.



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Mostly what you need to remember is to have fun, make it special (for her), it has to be memorable, which it probably will be anyway. But she needs a good story to tell her friends. And then once she’s said YES you can book your Beautiful Memorable Wedding at Intundla Wedding Venue. Intundla has gained a fine reputation for stunning and unforgettable Weddings. Boasting a Beautiful Chapel, Mouth-Watering Cuisine, and an Idyllic Honeymoon Suite. We also have ample accommodation for your wedding guests who wish to linger longer to share this memorable occasion with you. Set in a perfect tranquil bush setting in a magnificent Private Game Reserve, what more can a girl ask for?

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What is the biggest challenge that Leaders around the world are facing today?

The challenge that everyone faces is dealing with change. Businesses around the world today are facing challenges on the fronts of technology, communication, and organisational, world-wide competition, social, financial and political change. The world is constantly changing and the question is how do you deal with change? Do you get overwhelmed by it or do you ride the wave or are you guiding the change.

We look at the top 3 Challenges Companies are facing.

  1. Communication
    If you look back only 10 years you will see just how much has changed. The world of digital communication, and the speed of communication. We now live in a world where we constantly have a need to be in touch but at the same time we have to filter through a myriad of information. Companies are faced with the challenge of keeping in touch with their clients, and staying top of mind, without bombarding them with sales information.
  1. Technology
    One of the biggest changes in technology is possibly our communication devices and platforms. Digital communication, social media and smart phones have dramatically changed the way we communicate with our clients. If you are not able to communicate effectively to your clients on their preferred choice of device and social platform then you are losing ground.
  1. Accountability
    Information is now at everyone’s fingertips through search engines like Google and Social media sites like Facebook. Businesses are forced to be more transparent in their decision making and marketing. Before the consumer didn’t really have a voice, but with the internet and especially social media, companies don’t get away with bad service or inferior products any longer.

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In this fast changing world you cannot keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them for the last decade and expect good results. You have to keep up with the change, keep moving forward in order to be successful. You have to be willing to experiment with innovation and new ideas and you have to realise that failure isn’t fatal as long as you keep moving forward.

Intundla Conference Venue offers the perfect environment to meet with your team or employers, strategizing about the challenges you as a company face. Ideally situated only 55 minutes from OR Tambo / Johannesburg and 30 minutes from Pretoria, in a perfect tranquil bush setting.

Let us know in the Comments section below, what are some of the challenges you face in business?

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8 Types of People you will see at a Conference

Most of us have at some point attended a Conference, whether it was a big conference with keynote speakers, 1000’s of attendees or a smaller meeting arranged by your company to discuss strategy, sales or goals. At Intundla Conference Venue near Pretoria, we’ve identified 8 different Personality Types that attend Conferences. See if you can spot yourself and your colleagues in the personas below.

1. The Laptopper


Every Conference has a few of these and they tend to be attached to their laptop with an umbilical cord. Mostly you don’t see much of their faces as they sit glued to the laptop screen checking their emails.

2. The Charmer



This person isn’t really interested in anything regarding the Conference. There only goal is to see how many people they can charm. Their goal is normally two-fold – charming them into doing business with them, and of course to have a drink with them after the Conference.

3. The Foodie



For this person the Conference is ALL about the FOOD. They make sure they’re the first ones at the food tables during a break, and they dominate the food area never moving more than two feet away from the grub.

4. The Enthusiast


These are wonderful people to have at any Conference. They love to participate and always give a hearty applause and encouragement for any speaker.

5. The Observer


These observers stay clear of what is happening at the Conference. They are often found peeking around pillars and watching from a safe distance.

6. The Show-Off


There is always ONE. This person continues to try and impress and show-off their various talents right through the Conference. They have all the answers and of course quite a few questions at the end of any talk or discussion.

7. The Party Animal


Even though the entertainment they provide usually comes at a cost of their own embarrasement, nothing seems to deterr them from having a good time. They’re fun to have at any Conference, unless they get out of hand which sometimes happens! They normally also have a groupie of followers that try and mimic their moves.

8. The Sales Person


This is a very dedicated person and it doesn’t matter where you bump into them at the Conference, whether it is during a break, mid-session or in a bathroom, they are constantly busy with a sales pitch.

Which Personality Types have we missed? Tell us in the comments section below.


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