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 Jarryd & Beverly – 9 November 2013

“My heart is, and always will be, yours.” – Sense and Sensibility

Our Story ~ 

Jarryd and I had known each other for a few years as acquaintances through mutual friends but one night at a friend’s birthday party we really connected. I took the brave step and invited Beverly to a rugby game which she later declined. It was only when she text me on the night of the game that I felt a flicker of hope. She showed up at the box and I knew I had to bring my A-game! My charm paid off and after weeks of just texting on the phone we finally started dating.

And almost a year later in the blizzardy cold weather on top of Table Mountain Jarryd went down on his knees and proposed. It was a magical moment and I was consumed with love for this charmer.

Engagement Shoot ~



Jarryd and Beverly got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 9 November 2013.
Our Wedding ~


“I always found Jarryd to be the most charming and respectful male in the group of friends.”



Photographer:  Blue Jam Studios

Engagement Shoot Article: Little Pink Book

Ceremony Venue:  Intundla Chapel

Florist:  Venelize Events Décor

Flowers:  Venelize Events Décor

Music/Entertainment:  Blast Entertainment

Decor Details: Venelize Events Décor

Theme: Elegant Romance

Colours: Aquamarine

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Elegant, Romantic, Soulful, Love

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Latest Wedding Trend – Have your own Wedding Website

At Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria we are all about giving you the most memorable wedding and in order to do this we have to keep up with the Joneses! The latest Wedding craze seems to be for the Bridal Couple to have their own personalised Wedding Website. But why would you need a Wedding Website? Well for starters the best answer would be Information Sharing. This is the best and easiest and of course cutest way to share with everyone about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN WHY AND HOW of all your wedding plans. And of course the simplest way to update your friends and family when plans change or something new pops up!

Certain things are always a bit tricky when it comes to planning a wedding and having a wedding website takes care of these little worries in a very discreet and fun way without saying who’s your mother – or in this case who’s the mother of the bride!

RSVP ~ never has this job been so easy. Your guests can respond to your invitation right on your website. And if you have more than one wedding event that you want them to respond to, no problem. You can even add options like food choices, accommodation options, and much more. Is one of your bridesmaids handling all the responses? No problem the RSVP’s can go straight to her.

Gift registry ~ this one traditionally can have a few snags. You don’t want to appear greedy by pointing them in the direction of your favourite department store. With a wedding website you can very discreetly place the link of your online registry on your website for all to view. You can even very subtly suggest that you’d rather want your gift in hard cash! We’ve come across a very sweet way of saying this ~

Because at first we lived in sin
we got the sheets and the laundry bin
a gift from you would be swell
but we prefer a donation for our
wishing well

Our story ~ your story is unique and maybe some of your friends and family have been out of touch a bit or would love to get to know more about your partner and soon to be husband or wife! This is your space and what a beautiful way to tell all your loved ones about how you met, how you first fell in love, what you find irresistible about your partner …

Accommodation ~ no more laborious email after email to all the out-of-towners informing them of accommodation choices, costs, contact details and maps of the venues, etcetera. You can have all the information they need right at their fingertips and they can refer back to it as many times as they want! Having all the information on the website makes it very easy and convenient for everyone. When you have your Wedding at Intundla you have the convenience of having everything at one venue ~ your Ceremony, Reception and of course Accommodation for your guests at our beautiful Lodge.

Dress code ~ yes guests always want to know what should I wear to this wedding!? Because the etiquette for proper wedding guest attire can vary greatly depending on the style of the wedding this is not always an easy task for the wedding guest. Well know you can take the guess work from it by telling (and even showing) them exactly what to wear. You can include photos as examples and give hints on what might not be suitable. For instance if you’re planning on getting married outside on a lawn or sandy dune you can mention this so that the ladies don’t arrive wearing high heeled shoes that will sink in the sand or grass.

Bridal party ~ your bridesmaids and groomsmen play an important part in your wedding and can sometimes be overlooked. With a wedding website you can give credit where credit is due and tell and show (with photos) who they are and why you asked them to be in your wedding?

Wedding events ~ most weddings these days involve more than just the Ceremony and Reception. You can have all the information on your wedding website. From the pre-wedding parties, the wedding as well as your post wedding parties. Where? When? What to bring? All the details in one place. This makes everyone’s life easier and your guests will appreciate the gesture!

Photos and videos ~ Your Wedding will probably be one of the most important events of your life. Your wedding website makes sharing it with everyone you love so much easier. Even the friends and family that can’t attend your wedding will also feel like they are part of the celebrations. Share all your beautiful memories with all the people in your lives ~ it’ll mean the world to them.

Article courtesy Wedding Website

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Get a Lunch-time Revitalising Massage with your Next Conference at Intundla

Intundla Conference Venue Gauteng now offers our Conference Groups a quick 5 to 10 minute revitalizing neck and shoulder massage in the serene scenery on the lawn under the trees, overlooking the dam.  Come and unwind and recuperate during your lunch break, 3 of your conference delegates can slip away at a time to get rid of their stress, sore muscles and tiredness and ready themselves for the afternoon session in the conference room.

The effects of stress is numerous but one thing is for sure, if you are stressed and tired your concentration levels drop. The best cure for stress is to stop what you’re doing, give yourself a break. Put work on hiatus and do something else. Your mind will start to get used to being stressed and the only way you can break free of the cycle of stress is to change what you’re doing. There are lots of relaxation techniques available but one of the best ways is breathing. Take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling while concentrating on each breath as it fills your lungs. Keep focussing all your attention on your breathing until you are thinking and feeling nothing else. You can gain an enormous amount of benefit from this technique and even more so if it’s combined with the great outdoors and a gently massage to ebb away at those sore muscles, concerns and stress.

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We can handle groups of up to 36 people in the hour and it will cost R800/hour for this service. The Lunch-time Revitalising Massages must be booked in advance, so discuss your company needs with our friendly Conference Co-ordinators.

Good news is that we are also in the process of building a Spa at the Game Lodge itself! We promise to keep you posted with photos, plans and the progress.

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Intundla Conference Venue Gauteng Goes Green

As far as Conference Venues goes this is no ordinary venue. At Intundla Conference Venue Pretoria we strive to constantly become better. Better at serving you our Clients and now also better at serving Mother Nature.

We have started an organic veggie garden and a “worm farm” to dispose of all our scraps from the kitchen and tables. We only buy organic fertilizers for all our plants/veggies for our kitchen.  But we’ve gone further in helping to sustain those who work at Intundla – we are encouraging our staff to create their own veggie farms at their homes.  We then purchase the produce from them for our kitchen at the Lodge, thus creating an extra source of income for them and their families.  We will be posting photos and updates on the progress of this project every month.

Other Reasons why Intundla Conference & Wedding Venue is GREEN

  • When you have your Wedding at Intundla the Ceremony and Reception is at the same venue, this makes things easier, costs less for everyone and reduces the Wedding’s Carbon footprint. You have a choice between our beautiful Wedding Chapel and Bush Spa. On top of this your guests can stay at Intundla.
  • When bringing your next Conference to Intundla, once you’ve arrived you don’t have to go anywhere else – all the activities happen at the Lodge – the Conference, Leisure time, Accommodation, Team Building, Gala Evenings and Special Spa treatments for the delegates.
  • Our Conference Venue near Pretoria also have other green practices in place, such as conserving water, recycling, and now also waste reduction with our very own “worm farm”.

  • We will further help you to reduce your Carbon Footprint for your Conference or Wedding by purchasing and planting a tree at Intundla. We supply the trees at wholesale price and we add R10 which we also donate to a local Charity.
  • Intundla also Supports Save the Rhino Campaigns and have hosted The Gauteng Rhino Run which primary objective is to raise funds and awareness for the war on rhino poaching.
  • Our Conference and Wedding Venue offers a stunning outdoor location with natural light and a temperate climate all year round and our Boma is a definite favourite amongst our Conference delegates.

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INTUNDLA GOES GREEN is happening and in a BIG way.

Let us know your suggestions in how we can further help save our environment.

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