Gauteng Wedding Venue: Real Weddings – Traditional and Romantic

Jacques and Ellen – 26 October 2013

Like many other couples these days Jacques and Ellen’s love story began on a dating site, they met on a Christian dating website in July 2012. They started chatting via email and then met for a coffee at Mugg & Bean. And for them that was that!! “We’ve both been waiting so long for our soul mate, God has given us to each other and this is the happiest time of our lives!” says Ellen. They got engaged on Christmas Eve last year and both decided they wanted a Bush Wedding. Something Romantic and Traditional. They got married at Intundla Game Lodge & Bush Spa on Saturday 26 October 2013.


Wow our wedding at Intundla Game Lodge was everything we hoped for and dreamed off. Intundla was the first venue we visited and it stole our hearts immediately. Jacques and I love the bush and we wanted to get married in a romantic setting and a place where our guests could stay over and party the night away. Intundla was just what we were looking for. It was peaceful, beautiful and romantic. It fitted in perfectly with our theme – traditional and romantic. Intundla was also child friendly, which is so important to us as we have many nieces and nephews we wanted to be part of our special day!


Everything went perfect on our special day! The chapel made a beautiful traditional setting for our ceremony.



The refreshing drinks served at the bar were enjoyed by all our guests whilst we were taking photos. Our guests could relax around the pool, catch the Currie cup final and the kids had a fantastic time playing in the garden.


Our reception in the Hippo room was breathtaking, the décor we chose matched the décor in the hall perfectly. The food was out of this world! We actually wish we ate more that night than we did. The kiddies were even treated with hot dogs & chips especially made for them.


Our guests had an awesome time. They all complimented the food, the staff and that it was absolutely beautiful there. Many guests even canoed on Sunday morning.

”Stunning wedding at a great venue, staff at Intundla did everything possible to make this day wonderful thanks.” Sharon Kotze – Mother of the Bride

Madri and her team were present the entire weekend, we have to say a big thank you for all they did, from fetching our flowers on Friday to carrying boxes up and down. They were always friendly and helpful!! Madri thank you for making sure everything on Saturday went according to plan, you are most surely a key role at Intundla. Even for the cake that you arranged for Sunday morning for our birthday guests! You went above and beyond.



Photographer:  Matthys Pienaar

Ceremony Venue:  Intundla Chapel & Hippo Room

Cake:  Lila White

Florist:  Franci

Flowers:  Proteas and Roses

Music/Entertainment:  Kyron Turnball

Biggest Surprise: The Birthday Cake that Intundla arranged for our birthday guests

Decor Details: Little bottles with flowers inside hanging from the trees

Draping: Theo

Priest:  Dominee Gideon Du Toit

Theme: Romantic and Traditional

Colours: Gold and Pink

Four Words That Describe the Wedding: Romantic, Soft, Glamorous, Playful


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What we’ve learned from the disaster of 6 years ago at our Conference Venue and Lodge near Pretoria

It’s been 6 years since the devastating fire burned down our Conference Venue and Lodge near Pretoria. Even though there’s not a trace left of the fire and ashes, memories of the horrid event will take longer to fade. In light of all the recent floods that hit the Cape we thought to share what we’ve learned from our encounter with disaster.

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Always be prepared for a disaster even though you think you’ll never have to
You might think that your business is safe from disaster and having a contingency plan is something you can put on the back burner. The best way to overcome a disaster is to have a plan of action BEFORE it hits you.

Make sure you have backups of all your data
This includes lists of suppliers, clients, bookings, employees and everything your business relies on for operation. Keep all your important documents and backup copies at an off-site location. When disaster struck our Conference Venue all our records were destroyed in the fire and we didn’t know which conference clients were coming and what their requirements were. We did however do everything we could for our clients and arranged with a neighbouring Lodge to accommodate all our booked conferences while our kitchen staff was on hand for all the catering needs.

Identify critical business tools that would need to be recovered first
For us one of the things that hit us the hardest was losing our database. But we’ve learned from this and now we have a cloud-based database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System so that we can provide an even better service to our clients.

Take photographs and videos of your assets
This will make things a lot easier for insurance companies to assess the damage.

Have an emergency response plan
Make sure you have reliable ways to communicate with your employees during an emergency, but also make sure everyone knows exactly what to do during an emergency. Write out every step of the plan and assign responsibilities to employees, also practise your plan and make sure everyone knows what measures to take to preserve life and limit property losses. We were very fortunate that no lives were lost during the fire.

Deliver Bad News Early
When faced with a natural disaster the sooner you can let your clients know the better. It is a hard thing to do especially when you can’t give a definitive date or time when the situation will be resolved but as long as you can show your clients you’re doing everything you can for them they should understand. After the fire burned down our Conference Venue we notified our clients as soon as we could but also informed them of the plan we had made for them by accommodating them at the neighbouring lodge. The response was one of sympathy and understanding but also appreciation for going the extra mile for them.

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Accept the Situation and move Forward
Any disaster will be an emotional time and there will be times when you feel like giving up. But as we started rebuilding our once beautiful Conference Venue and Lodge we got strength from everyone’s support. All the Intundla employees – housekeepers, chefs, barmen, duty managers, everyone was available and willing to help restore our lovely lodge. And six months after the fire the Lodge and Conference Venue outside Pretoria was once again open for business and today looking more magnificent than ever. So make use of the resources you have in people, you will need it. We are still grateful to one and all that helped during this difficult time and we wouldn’t have been able to continue without them.

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How to Inspire your Team at your next Conference

You’ve booked the Conference Venue for your next conference in Gauteng and you have your agenda. But how do you inspire your team to greater heights during this conference? Richard Branson states that getting your employees to participate in company events is one way to get them inspired. Make sure your conference is at a venue where they can feel like they’re getting away from it all. Our Conference Venue offers just that and you won’t have to travel far. The Conference Venue is located in prime game reserve surroundings in Gauteng. Close enough to Pretoria’s main business hub, but far enough away to instil that “out of office” feeling where you can focus on business without any distractions.

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Here are 5 more ways of building trust and inspiring people

1. Recognition through Opportunity
Mostly when we think of recognition we think about praise and awards, the awards could be in the form of incentives or more inherent like company benefits. But the most meaningful form of recognition is in the form of offering employees opportunity. This is the one thing that truly shows them that you value them and trust them. Use your next conference as an opportunity to do this. Involve everyone in the planning and strategizing. Also involve people in deciding what Teambuilding activities they would like to do. Give someone the opportunity to speak at the conference, this will empower them and make you an inspirational leader.

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2. Get good at Communication
Most employees at some point feel that they are not listened to or that they are not aware of things that are happening in the company, information they need in order to excel at their jobs. If you can get good at communicating to your team not only will they feel more valued, this will also ensure they have more confidence in you as a leader. Start by communicating everything about your upcoming conference to your team. Get their input for the agenda, find out what is important to them and what is not. The more you can get your team involved in brainstorming the path to success, the more you will be able to get them connected both at the head and the heart.

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3. Don’t assume anything
The biggest mistake you can make is assuming things. Assuming everyone understands what you want, assuming you have everyone on board for your vision. Talk to people, listen to what people say. There is only one way of really knowing and that is by asking. Take time to really understand the people that are helping you achieve your goals. Don’t think that your enthusiasm and energy for a project will automatically become theirs. Use your next conference to pro-actively communicate your vision to your team.

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4. Be authentic
Your team will value you as a leader more if you are authentic.  Being you will also attract the right kind of people. People will know who they’re dealing with and will find it easier to communicate to you about obstacles as well as innovative ideas that they might have. Ultimately, it is a relationship based on trust that inspires employees to perform. And it is only in an environment of trust that your company can thrive.

5. Keep your team engaged
One sure way of achieving this is to challenge your team. Instead of tackling all the difficult tasks yourself, and taking everything on, give your team the challenges and you will see them thrive. There is nothing like a challenge to make someone want to come to work every day. If you’re still wary of giving your team a big challenge in the workplace, then start at your next conference. At Intundla we have a selection of fantastic challenges in our Teambuilding activities like Raft Building and Team Racing. Challenges that will bring out the best in your team and that will inspire them to be better and that will inspire you as leader to trust them with more.

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Intundla Wedding Venue Gauteng – an Exclusive Wedding to Remember

Intundla Wedding Venue near Pretoria is the idyllic Wedding Venue, that special place you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. The Game Lodge is situated in the Dinokeng area North-East of Pretoria, a mere 30 minute drive from the city centre and a 50 minute drive from OR Tambo International. The Lodge is built around a magnificent private dam, nestled under the Bobbejaansberg Mountains.

One of the major benefits of our Wedding Packages is that you will have the Lodge Exclusively for your Wedding and Accommodation is included at a Special rate. Your Wedding will be personalized to fit you like a glove. Because your Wedding is exclusive the staff and facilities are at your disposal with all the regular inclusions and exclusions.

At the Game Lodge we cater for Weddings up to 170 guests for your Ceremony and the Lodge has 38 chalets (76 guests sharing) where the Bridal suite is also complimentary for the evening with a special turn-down service.

Our Wedding Venue is set in beautiful surroundings and has a delightful stone chapel at the foot of the mountain. You can also have your Ceremony outside on the lawn overlooking the picturesque dam strewn with lacy-white water lilies.

The newlyweds can prolong the romance of their Wedding night with a luxury steam bath or Jacuzzi the morning after the wedding.

Intundla also has an open game drive vehicle for Game Drives and the Bridal Couple can be taken into the bush to capture the moment in the middle of the scenic Bushveld.

Our Wedding Co-ordinators are highly skilled and will assist you in the planning and execution of your Special Day. We have already sourced the best suppliers and will help you choose everything you need for your day of Matrimony from Décor, Flowers, DJ’s, and Entertainment to that fabulous once-in-a-lifetime Wedding Cake!

Please Contact us for more information about our Wedding Packages.

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