How to Increase Delegate Engagement at Conferences

Go Viral at your next ConferenceIn our fast paced world it has become more and more difficult to engage delegates at a conference. If you have recently attended, or spoken at a conference lately, you will know that it is nothing new seeing most people focussed on their laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. while the speaker is trying his/her best to share meaningful content.

So how do we overcome the challenges we are facing today? Do we fight them and demand that delegates don’t use any electronic devices during conference sessions, or do we look at how we can use modern technology to our advantage and to increase delegate engagement.

Any conference or event is the perfect setting to incorporate social media and to use this to increase communication among delegates, build your brand, increase conference energy and interaction, etc. You are no longer limited to the break rooms, coffee stations or the sharing of ideas over the buffet during lunch. You can get delegates to network and communicate over content from anywhere and everywhere at the conference without limiting them to one plenary session. Social media really is one Big Conversation, why not use this communication platform to power up your next conference.

Benefits of Building Social Media into your Conference or Event

  • Delegates are encouraged to share content that was meaningful to them. This helps them take something back to the office that will be remembered for much longer. It also increases their focus on the speaker and content in their search for meaning and value.
  • Delegates can engage over content while waiting for the next speaker, it is as easy and quickly as tweeting about the last speaker and topic.
  • If you get your speakers to participate you get an instant commendation for your conference from the leaders in your field which will grow your brand awareness and loyalty.
  • It makes engaging and connecting with speakers and other delegates so much easier, to the point and more effective.
  • You can build a following over the entire period of the conference with increased engagement as the conference progresses.
  • Using #hashtags correctly can benefit your conference/ industry/ product and gain exposure over larger networks and audiences.
  • Better audience engagement promotes vigour at the conference/event and this leads to enhanced delegate satisfaction.
  • The conversation doesn’t end when the conference flag drops.
  • You will gain better insight into how the delegates experienced the conference and comprehensive feedback about speakers and content. This will guarantee an even better conference the next time.

Look out for our Upcoming Article How to Effectively Integrate Social Media into your Next Conference.

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Team Players – see yourself from the perspective of an expert.

As a facilitator of team building activities at Teamiac, I’m often faced with looking at the team as collective before kicking off an event. This is usually when I scan the room and look for the character types that I will encounter. Here’s a humorous overview from my perspective on the diverse types that make up a team.

What character / team player are you?

The Tjop – The okie that always knows best, the “been there, sweated all over that T-shirt kind.” We all know his sort the “don’t hate the player, hate the game type.” He is usually the juice bunny with too much testosterone pulsing through his veins, always quick to chirp with sharp sarcastic wit that’s laced with sexual innuendo.

The Smoker  – Smokers usually have an attitude of “Ja, ja I’m happy to do it as long as I can smoke or know when my next smoke break will be.” They tend to be very jovial and social until you push the smoke break out.

The Dopper – She is the one party chick that every company has.  The die-hard cheerleader type, who will match you Jagermeister for Jagermeister. The chick that is always “just fine” to drive home (said in the customary drunken slur with one intently focussed eye open).

The Cynic – (my personal favourite to put into place) The cynic of the team, will sit with arms crossed and look all aloof and disinterested. They love to roll their eyes in distain while yawing and appearing bored…. Oscar Wilde once said … “a true cynic knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing”. Just saying…

The Whinger – once again every team has this player… the one that no one can please, even if it’s a 5 star venue, they like to grumble because they have become professional moaners… I don’t like the venue very much, the water was over boiled, it’s too hot, the toilet roll was only 1ply, blah, blah, blah.

The Introvert – “Omigosh, please, please don’t pick me, just put it out there….. ummmm… I am a white spot on a white wall, I don’t want to present, I hate public humiliation, I want to be anywhere but here. If I keep my head down and my mouth shut I might just go unnoticed.” Phew! Smile and wave … grin and bear it … that wasn’t so bad after all.

The High Fiver – Whoop, Whoop type. This player usually has a positive “can do” attitude, the almost “charismatic” type of devotion needed to spur on team spirit and camaraderie. These characters usually jump at tasks and are very hands on with willing eagerness. We love this type!

So, now for the tough question: Which player are you? Honestly now…How does your personality bring value to your team? Check out for some excellent team building events.

Written by Hazy Bee




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The Success of the Team – The Lion Pride Dynamics

 Mahala View Lions


“The success of the team is because of the individual and the success of the individual is because of the team.”
Ian Thomas – author of The Power of The Pride

Lions are still the kings of the Animal Kingdom and when it comes to business teams there is a lot we can learn from them:

1. Lions use their Unique Strengths to become the best Pride

  • Because the success of the team is so dependent on the strength of the individuals it is important for each team member to know their own strengths.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others; in a team we all have different strengths.
  • Concentrate on your strengths not your weaknesses. Working towards increasing your strengths will bring more fulfilment and bring teams closer to becoming the best they can be.
  • Find people who inspire you and align with them. We can learn a lot from others, even people we feel competitive towards, whether it is a mentor, employee or co-worker.
  • Increase the team’s strengths by partnering with the right people. This gives the team varieties of perspectives, talents and skills to get the job done.
  • Sometimes we need the pain of failure to revise and reassess; use failure as motivation. If you are taking risks and failing, keep failing forward.

2. Lions keep Adapting to their Environment

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn

  • Teams need to stay flexible and aware of changes in their environment, with the ability to keep changing with that.
  • As a team you must embrace the uncertainty that any change brings; let fear prod you to take action toward your most important goals.
  • Create prototypes with your team that will move you along the way of change.
  • Find fingerprints in others’ successes. Then adapt this and apply this to your own team.
  • Dare most when times are darkest. It is often through adverse situations and taking risks when you feel most vulnerable that the greatest success is achieved.

3. Lions have certain Elements in their Pride that makes them the best

  • Team goals must be clearly specified and agreed upon by all members.
  • The commitment of all the members is vital for the team to function optimally. Personal agendas will weaken the team.
  • Rewards need to be shared by all members of the team. If rewards aren’t shared there is no incentive to be committed to the team goals.
  • Roles of the team members need to be defined clearly. This creates better responsibility and avoids unnecessary frustration.
  • Trust plays a pivotal role in the success of any team. Lack of trust will shift the team members focus away from the team goals to protecting individual positions. Good communication ensures the best teamwork, and without it little teamwork will happen.

Intundla Game Lodge can offer you Extreme Lion Experiences at a neighbouring farm Mahala View. They use the Behaviour of Lions and the Pride Dynamics to bring a new perspective into human behaviour and to promote values like Trust, Respect, Order, Competition etc.
They also use the Lion Theme in Team Building for groups from all walks of life, from Private to Corporate environments.

You can book your Lion Experience at Mahala View through Intundla Game Lodge.


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