Survival of the Fittest Teambuilding at Intundla

Do you have what it takes? Can you help your team make it? Survival of the Fittest is a fantastic Teambuilding activity to get your team working together, sharing insight and achieving. What they learn from this, they will not forget, when faced with obstacles back at the office.

These are some of the challenges that you and your teammates will face:

Unlocking the Team – Teams are tied together with a chain and lock and walk about 30 meters to a tree supporting each other, without falling to get to a tree in which the key is for the lock.

Rolling Planks – The whole team on one plank has to roll round logs by rocking and moving them from front to back to get to a certain point.

Fishing Tacticts – The teams have to fish various objects out of the dam from the bridge which gives them the answer to a puzzle. The teams who achieves this first rows to an island with canoes where they get their prize.

MaxProf (Pty) Ltd during their stay at Intundla, they survived the teambuilding and also had a Potjiekos Competition




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