Intundla Conference, Team Building and Wedding venue… how the times have changed

Nostalgia has immense power over our memories and feelings. To see or smell something that is intrinsically linked to our past, which in a blink of an eye transports us back in time.  Using our past memories is a very effective tool for marketers – look at SAB bringing back the castle dumpies or the fashionable retro 50’s artwork. The old days appear to be filled with such magic where everything was a lot simpler.  But for a Bush Lodge the future looks a lot brighter than our humble beginnings. From a Private Bush Lodge to a full service Conference, Team Building, Spa and Wedding Venue – Intundla today is a wonderful place to behold. But don’t just take our word for it here are some pics to prove it!

The good old days

When we nearly lost it all

Always making improvements

Creating great memories



Welcome to Intundla's blog. I am your host Gigi. In this blog I will interview some Role Players in the Conference, Incentive, Event and Team Building Industries on your behalf. If you have questions of your own please post them on our Facebook page. Last but not least: I am the tallest creature on the planet... So I’ll see you!

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